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We cater for all your bridal occasions given you stunning looks for each of your special ceremonies. You can book us for any of your events; Engagement, Chunni, Civil, Sangeet, Mehndi, Nikaah, Wedding Day, Waalimah, Reception. For each of these occasions, we thrive to give

you the best possible services;

  • Application of photographic and lasting professional makeup Application of false eyelashes

  • Professional hairstyles including synthetic hair pieces, padding, and setting of any hair accessories.

  • Use of Human Hair extensions (optional extra)

  • Bindi setting

  • Jewellery setting

  • Full dressing including dupatta setting, dupatta draping/ saree draping, veil setting

  • Service on location (travel charges may apply) To book in for a trial please contact us here 


We also offer packages for more than one event

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