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Student Testimonials


My underlying desire to be professionally trained as a make up artist lay dormant for a number of years until such a time in my life where I felt the need to push away from the routine boundaries if my life. I researched various options and booked myself with Arpita Training Academy to learn the secrets to the trade. Naturally with this I was overwhelmed with sheer excitement and passionate but in all truth there was an underlying doubt " can you really learn all that's promised in 5 day"!!


Well to my approval I did indeed. And much more. It's was creative, fun, relaxed, intense and many other things but overall I was extremely pleased.

Having had this training with Arpita left me confident, qualified. I was a professional and off I went. I've never looked back its been a journey of success and reward. I sincerely would not have been in this situation had the aftercare support not been available, alongside paid and unpaid work opportunities all which helped lay a firm foundation to build a successful career upon in this industry.


The leadership qualities were noted particularly, lots of support, feedback, advice and encouragement. A very well renowned academy, genuine at heart to see delegates reach their optimum output". Sunita Chonkria


"I was always interested in hair styling and makeup but didn't have the confidence to go out and follow my dreams to become a MUA. I attended the Arpita Karania Training Academy open day. I was so amazed with Arpita's work and what she had achieved. I then attended the hair and makeup 5 day course at the Arpita Karania Training Academy. I was so inspired by Arpita as she was very encouraging and helped me to believe in myself and that i am capable of doing anything. Before the course i thought i would never be good enough in this industry but Arpita made me realise that anything is possible. I learnt so much from this course, which i am now putting into practice. I am now more confident and believe i can do well in this industry. On my 5th day of the course i did a photoshoot, i was amazed with what i had achieved. After the course had finished i was encouraged to start doing hair and make up on clients. Arpita and Dal Patla have helped me in gaining clients and keep in contact to see how i am getting on. So, a big thank you to Arpita and Dal". Sanita Chand

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