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Q Where are your courses based and how often are they held?

A Courses in Birmingham and in London.  The last group courses will be held in Feb 2015, but one to one courses are still available 




Q Does Arpita teach both the hair and makeup herself?

A Both parts of the courses are taught by Arpita. Arpita will also be their to stylist, assist and guide you on the final day when the student will create two looks for their portfolio. 


Q Do I need to bring anything?

A You will get access to all the makeup and hair styling kit during the full five days. You will also take home a hair doll during the hair part of the course which you can practice on during the course. 




Q Will there be an opportunity to join your team?

A All our graduates join our team at Junior Stylist level. You get access to jobs paid and unpaid. Every committed and dedicated team member will receive ongoing assessment to advance to higher grading levels. 





Q What aftercare do you provide?

A On completing the 5 day course, every student will join our graduate support group . Here you will have network to all the graduates of the training academy. We post regular job opportunities on here as well as advice and tips. Any questions and support required can be posted on here and answered to. 



Q Will I learn everything in 5 days?

A You will learm all the necessary skills and training to go out into the industry as a professional makeup and hair artist. However practice makes perfect and the more you practice the skills learnt, the more your confidence and clientbase will grow. 

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