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Ever since I've been doing hair and makeup, my clients have often asked me if I would do classes to teach them how to apply makeup on themselves. Like a self grooming class. Finally, I am happy to let you know that they are here!!

People glam up more now for special occassions, parties and weddings more than they ever have. Which is why it makes learning this skill so much more useful than ever before. Makeup is such a great art that can instantly transform you. And when you know you look good, you feel good too :)

The makeup industry especially with the revolution of social media has boomed over recent years. With colour correction, contouring and eyebrows being the most hyped current trends. I often hear my clients say "I watch the videos on social media, but I cant get it to look right or work." They say "How do you get it so the contouring doesnt merge all into one colour?" "How do I cover my dark circles without it creasing or looking cakey?". "How can I create dewy flawless looking skin daily without it looking cakey?"

One of the most common ones are.... "I can never put my own lashes on". "How can I create the perfect eyeliner flick?"

I also get lots of questions on products.... "Whats the best foundation for my skin?"

So as well as answering these questions, I will be showing you step by step how you can

- create everyday makeup that is flawless and effortless.

- create more dramatic makeup and smokey looks for those pre wedding/post wedding events and special occassions.

- create dewy skin thats keeps your makeup looking radiant all day as well as oil-free matt finishes.

If you are wondering whether this class is for you, it is perfect for the bride to be, newly wedded brides, the novist, the makeup lover, the makeup junkee or the makeup pro.

Once you learn these skills, you can use the techniques to apply makeup on a daily basis or for any occassion. So you can look and feel glam everyday :)

And for those who are fans and followers of the motive cosmetics brand which has hit the UK by storm within the last three years. We have a lovely surprise for you! You get 15% off any purchases you make on the day. If you havent already heard of Motives, you must check them out on instagram:

Special offers on tickets when you book online before Friday April 24th 2015

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